Hello there, I’m Richard Doran and I am a Photographer and on a mission to create engaging images that champion authentic human potential and celebrate the richness of the human capacity


Capturing expression through a camera lens started during my teenage years driven by my love for Skateboarding. I have since become quite the people person, meeting countless passionate individuals with interesting stories and one-of-a-kind personalities. As a photographer, I strive to capture that unique energy.


Starting out, my artistic style was more observational. Lately, my work is infinitely more personal and refined. Put simply: I specialise in capturing people at their best, whether they’re in the comfort of their personal energetic space or out there doing what they love.


Prior to founding Richard Doran Photography, I served as a Location Manager for both film and television and I traveled across the Middle East on Assisting Jobs. I’ve also happily assisted a multitude of my favourite photographers in London, New York and here in New Zealand.

Furthermore, I am a full member of the AIPA and I hold a Diploma in Photography (DipPh) from Massey University.


Whether you are a marketing executive, advertising agency, or a creative mind in need of professional and personable photography services, I’m here to help you stand out and get one step closer to attaining your goals.