Hello there, I’m Richard Doran and I am a Photographer on a mission to create honest images that champion the individual human spirit. I aim to clean the lens we see ourselves through, and shift our personal perception to one of unlimited possibility and potential.

Capturing individuality through the camera started during my teenage years driven by my love for Skateboarding. I enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life and have developed a compassionate view of humanity. My style has since become less about observational action and more about capturing people at their best, whether they’re in the comfort of their personal energetic space or out there doing what they love.

Prior to founding Richard Doran Photography, I served as a Location Manager for both film and television and I traveled across the Middle East on Assisting Jobs. I’ve also happily assisted a multitude of my favourite photographers in London, New York and here in New Zealand.

My work has taken me around New Zealand, and abroad shooting images for clients like Netflix and Redbull. I am a full member of the AIPA and I hold a Diploma in Photography (DipPh) from Massey University.